After an uneventful trip across the ocean and no delays in Customs, we are pleased to announce the Cat® 375L in 1:48 precision scale die-cast has been delivered to our warehouse. A thorough review of these models has been completed, both by CCM and Caterpillar®, and these models have been cleared for shipment.

Sorting of these models is currently underway and shipments will begin in the order in which payment is received.

With limited quantities available in each variation, act now to add these incredible scale replicas to your collection.

Select the image below to learn more about each configuration or to place an order.

5 thoughts on “Unsealed: Cat® 375L’s Have Arrived!
  • I see that the machine cat 375l mass excavator like the prototype has not touched the headlight so close to the cylinders and the sticker so small

  • CAT 375L turned out to be a very good model!
    I would like this excavator model to my collection …..
    Tell me please, in the near future, CCM company plans to manufacturing wheel loaders (CAT966H, CAT980L), wheel excavators (CAT318M, CAT322M, road rollers CAT CS56,CS64,CS74)…?

  • If you guys could do heavy hual lowboys with great details in the future that would be awesome.

  • Paul H Kingsley Reply

    I received my two CAT 375’s (“standard” + ME versions) yesterday via Buffalo Road Imports. Overall, very pleased with each model.Both came intact and sustained no shipping damages. These models feature the kind of outstanding detail that I’ve come to expect from CCM. In addition, I’m sure I’ll discover something new each time I look them over.

    As for functionality….the boom + stick on the “standard” version has excellent movement and can be lowered to a digging depth on par with the real machine (impressive, considering the length of the stick). I actually have not checked the digging depth on the ME version, but expect it will be top-notch as well. There were 2 “minor” issues I have with these model; but to even mention them would be nit-picking.

    On a scale of 1-10, I give these CAT 375’s a 9.5.

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