1:48 Cat® 375L Hydraulic Excavator – Die-Cast


  • Scale:  1:48 scale
  • Material:  Die-cast
  • Production Run: 750
  • Production Year: 2019

Model Dimensions (approximate):

  • Length:  11.5″
  • Width:  3.4″
  • Height:  4.9″

Introducing the newest model to join the CCM collection of die-cast replicas, the Cat® 375L Hydraulic Excavator in precision 1:48 scale.  Upon close inspection of the model, the eye is immediately drawn to notable features such as:

•  General purpose boom
•  R5.5H stick
•  Quick coupler
•  2x H buckets
•  Opening cab door
•  Detailed instrumentation
•  Control levers & foot pedals
•  Seat-mounted joystick controls
•  Handrails & ladders
•  Accurate hydraulic lines
•  Functional track tensioners
•  Individually linked, free-rolling tracks

Paint and markings are approved by the manufacturer for accuracy.

Includes a signed and serial-numbered spec brochure reproduction.

Introduced in 1992, this 75-metric ton excavator was designed with versatility in mind.  Factory options for the 375L included choice from 3 available booms, 7 sticks, and 9 buckets depending on the conditions the machine would be operating in.  A variety of work tools were also available to fit virtually any application.

The operator’s cab on the 375L was also redesigned to increase productivity.  The instrumentation features a high-definition LCD display, keeping the operator informed of the machine’s status as well as a three-level alert system which informs of potential component issues or system problems before costly issues occur.

Equipped with a general purpose boom, R5.5H stick, quick coupler, and choice of H bucket, this configuration provides reach and depth comparable with other models, but with a greater bucket capacity.

Additional information


Hydraulic Excavator


3406 ATAAC


428 HP @ 1800 RPM


GP Boom (27' 6")


R5.5H Stick (18')


Two (2) buckets – Wide and Narrow Digging Buckets

Maximum Digging Depth

34' 9"

Maximum Digging Reach

51' 5"

Maximum Cut Height

47' 8"

Shipping Height

19' 5"

Shipping Length

46' 2"

Overall Width

13' 6"