In the February 2018 issue of Earthmovers Magazine, David Wylie takes a closer look at our 1:48 scale die-cast Cat® 631K & 637K Coal-Bowl Wheel Tractor Scrapers.  With nothing but praise for these models, we couldn’t wait to share their review with all our collectors.

630K Earthmovers

“If the external details are outstanding, opening the cab door reveals a highly accurate control panel together with levers, pedals and steering wheel.  The level of detail is difficult to spot with the naked eye, but the closer you look at the cab interior the more impressive it becomes.  There is even a full set of tiny operational and safety decals to mirror those found on the full-size machines.”

– David Wylie

630K Earthmovers

In case you haven’t seen it before, Earthmovers Magazine is the magazine for owners and operators of plant and construction machinery.  Published in the UK, Earthmovers has significant readership across Europe and Australia and has a longstanding North American correspondent.  Missed an issue?  You can pick up a copy of the February 2018 issue, or any back issues of Earthmovers, by clicking here.

Produced in 3 different configurations, a limited supply is still available for each version of the 630K Series Wheel-Tractor Scrapers.  For more information on each model, or to place your order, please click on the respective model photo below.  Don’t miss your opportunity to add these incredibly detailed, high-quality reproductions to your collection today, because when they’re gone, well, they’re gone!

Cat 631K

Cat® 631K

Cat 637K

Cat® 637K

Cat 637K Coal-Bowl

Cat® 637K Coal-Bowl

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