1:48 Cat® 637K Coal Bowl Tractor-Scraper – Die Cast


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  • 1:48 Scale
  • Die-cast
  • Production Run: 500
  • Production Year: 2017

Model Dimensions – Approx:

  • Length: 12.7″
  • Width: 3.2”
  • Height: 3.4”

Introducing the latest Wheel-Tractor Scraper models to join the ever-expanding lineup from Classic Construction Models in precision 1:48 scale, the 637K Coal Bowl.  Upon close inspection of these models, the eye is instantly drawn to features such as:

• Hydraulic lines
• Grab/Handrails
• Opening Cab Door
• Lights
• Cushion Hitch
• Apron and Ejector
• Engine/Drivetrain
• Mirrors
• New Tire Material
• Full Scraper Fenders
• Warning/safety labels
• Instrumentation

Paint and markings are approved by the manufacturer for accuracy.

Includes a signed and serial-numbered spec brochure reproduction.

Historically, many of the new technologies available on other machines has remained absent from wheel-tractor scrapers.  For the redesigned Cat® 630K Series scrapers, including the 637K Coal-Bowl, this is no longer the case.  Equipped with high-pressure steering, engine-over-speed protection, tire-spin reduction, differential-lock-engagement protection, and machine/ground-speed control, the 637K Coal-Bowl realizes an 8-12% increase in productivity over the 637G Coal-Bowl despite having the same payload capacity of 50 cubic yards.  Optional features, including Sequence Assist, Load Assist, Payload Estimator, and Cat Grade Control, reduce training time for inexperienced operators while providing veterans with the tools they need to remain at 100% productivity throughout the day.

Featuring an 8-speed planetary power shift transmission, the 637K Coal-Bowl is capable of a top speed of 34.7 MPH.  The cushion hitch has been upgraded to include new software designed to dampen end-of-stoke movement of the load cylinder to actively reduce in-stroke events, resulting in a smoother ride for the operator and less maintenance of the pins and bushings.

Designed with operator-comfort in mind, the cab of the 637K Coal-Bowl scraper boasts a 21% increase in size over its predecessor.  A completely redesigned dash provides the operator with the real-time information needed to improve efficiency, while the new seat-suspension system and high-pressure steering reduces fatigue.

Additional information


Wheel Tractor-Scraper

Engine #1

Cat C18 ACERT™ 570 HP

Engine #2

Cat C9.3 ACERT™ 290 HP


8 Speed

Top Speed (Loaded)

34.7 MPH


119,060 lbs.

Rated Load

82,200 lbs.

Total Loaded

201,260 lbs.

Heaped Capacity

50 Cubic Yards


41 Cubic Yards

Cut Depth


Spread Depth



49' 9"


12' 11"


13' 7"