The latest models to complete their production cycle are the 1:48 scale die-cast Cat® 375L models, which are now in the process of being shipped to our warehouse. We expect to have these models here and available for shipment to our collectors in a few weeks’ time.

Assuming no complications in shipping or passing through Customs, we hope to see these models delivered to us before the end of this year. Retail price for these models has been set at $259.95 with the production run limited to 750 pieces of each configuration.

Packaged in a collector quality box and complete with an individually signed and serial-numbered Certificate of Authenticity, these 1:48 scale die-cast replicas from Classic Construction Models will be a prized addition to any collection.

With the request lists for each configuration nearly full, now is the last chance to submit your request to ensure you are fortunate enough to add one, or all, of these impressive models to your collection as soon as they arrive. For more information about each configuration, please click on the respective links below.

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  • Vidalinc Jérôme Reply

    Les modèles de vos dernières photos ont ils eus les modifications proposées lors de la parution de l article sur les modèles de preseries ? Dans l attente de votre réponse, cordialement.

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