Continuing our lineup of precision 1:48 scale die-cast models, Classic Construction Models is proud to present the Cat® 375L Hydraulic Excavator in 3 highly detailed configurations.

Upon close inspection of these models, our collectors will find a working cab door which opens to reveal a highly detailed operator’s cab, complete with full instrumentation and controls.  Doors on the top and side of the model also open to expose the impressive 3406C engine in detail.  Hand rails, walkways, mirrors, work lights, and hydraulic lines match the full-size machine, with paint and markings that have been approved by Caterpillar for accuracy.

Equipped with a General Purpose boom and R5.5H stick, the first configuration is complete with a functional quick coupler and two digging buckets.  Also configured as a Mass Excavator, this version is fitted with a ME boom, stick and bucket.  Finally, a demolition version of this machine will be produced with MP40 shears as well as the full suite of protective equipment.

Each of these models will be presented in collector quality packaging and will include an individually signed and serial numbered Certificate of Authenticity.  The production runs will be strictly limited, so don’t miss your opportunity to add one of these incredible machines to your collection before they are all spoken for.

For more information about each model, please click on the respective image above.

15 thoughts on “New Model Announcement: 1:48 Cat® 375L Excavator – Die-cast
  • Great choice and options here with the 375 guys, one suggestion would be to add as a minimum the cab top guard (FOPS) on the ME model, front guard would be good too but the top guard you would see on 99% of the machines in the field in ME config.

  • When I saw the news I could not believe it nice news
    I still hope to see cat 980c in 1/48 scale

    thank you very much ccm for the great news

  • Demolition-spec, oh yes..!
    Here’s hoping for a high reach version too someday, be it of a 375 or some other model…

    Anyway great choice, fortunately I’ve been postponing all these years getting the 375 model that’s made by the other brand 🙂

    In one of the photos we see a D400E being loaded, wink wink…

    p.s. some of the photos clearly are not showing a 375…

  • Excelent news! The 375 (model 1994 with square cabine) has always been my favorite Cat. I hope this model will feature cylinders in yellow – perhaps with metal outer tube (….) and long 20’10” extended undercarriage for the L version and short 19’2″ for the ME. Fingers crossed and look much forward for these models to arrive!

  • Jeff,
    CAT 375L – It’s Very good model!
    I hope she will look dignified.
    I would like to see in the future not only track excavators CAT but also wheeled machines CAT too ……
    CAT 966H, CAT M318C, CAT M322D, CAT CS56, CAT 563, CAT 428D, CAT 428E ……. (1/48)
    I also dream of seeing something of the CRAWLER CRANE (1/48) ………
    On the example KOBELCO CRAWLER CRANE (1/48) ………

  • I would like to see in 1/48 scale these machines the cat 980C, cat 988B, 955L And the cat 769c I hope to see them some day

  • please do not put those 8 holes on the back of these excavator models because those 8 holes or whatever they are on the back of the real ones take away from it’s looks

  • the holes I am talking about are on the back of the real excavator are on the counterweight in case any of you were wondering what I meant by back of the real ones

  • Hi Charles,

    It is our goal to create scale models that accurately replicate the original machine, and as such, we will be including the holes in the counterweight. Since the machine is designed to be used with different counterweights, these holes are for the mounting bolts of the counterweight.

    It would be possible, with only a bit of resin and some careful handiwork, to fill these holes on your model. I believe that all 8 of the holes will be located in the black painted section of the counterweight, so either using a black resin or finishing with a bit of black paint could disguise these holes on your model.

    If you have any other questions or concerns, please let us know!


    Jeff – CCM

  • VIDALINC Jerome Reply

    Bonjour Jeff,
    bravo pour la reproduction de cette superbe machine.
    La 375 LME aura t’elle une flèche conforme a la vrai ou bien est ce que se sera la flèche d’un modèle de 390? Hate de sa sortie! Pensez a nous sortir un 773 B avec les différentes versions de bennes pour l’associer a cette machine!

  • Will the undercarriage be able to widen and narrow like on the real Cat excavator???? I hope in time to see a high reach demolition excavator offered… One thing I would like to see done is being able to breakdown take off the booms. then different boom configurations and attachments could be put on. If ccm were to equip them with a quick couple for buckets ect… Keep up the great work

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