Classic Construction Models is excited to announce that the 1:48 scale die-cast D8K’s have been delivered to our warehouse!

After a thorough inspection of randomly selected samples from each variation, these models are cleared for shipment. 

We are in the process of sorting orders and shipments will occur in the order in which payment is received, so please be sure to take care of payment at your earliest convenience.

Although the A-Blade configuration is completely spoken for, very limited quantities of both the U-Blade and S-Blade are still available. Don’t miss your chance to add a legendary D8K in precision 1:48 scale to your collection.

One thought on “Unsealed: Cat® D8K’s Have Arrived!
  • Hi CCM

    I have order the D8K with U-blade from you.

    Is it possibly to change my request to the D8K with S-blade instead??

    Best Regards
    Bjorn Hjelte

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