Recently delivered to our warehouse, the incredibly detailed Cat® D7G in precision 1:48 scale die-cast is now available to purchase in 2 unique configurations.

The first variation is equipped with a positionable A-Blade, functional winch and sweeps with additional cab guard while the second has a movable S-Blade and Multi-Shank Ripper. Both models feature a highly detailed open ROPS cab with modeled controls and foot pedals. The models sit on independently linked, free rolling tracks with functional track tensioner and drive sprocket.

D7G A-Blade

Retail price for these models has been set at $219.95 and the production run has been limited to 500 pieces for each variation. Place your order for one, or both, of the incredible detailed Cat D7G Dozers in precision 1:48 scale today. For more information about each version, please visit the respective link below.

2 thoughts on “Unsealed: Cat® D7G’s Have Arrived!
  • Got a case of my D7Gs w/angle blades they are ok but lm kinda disappointed but I think I can get them doctored up so they are acceptable. But at least I have them I’ve been waiting on someone to build them for years. Can you build me engine shields ?

  • Hi ccm just an a inquiry I’m still awaiting the arrival of a d7g straight blade with rippers was just wondering if I could purchase the rops plus the pins from the d7 angle blade with winch as to fit to my d7g straight blade with rippers as it looks like they would fit straight on as an added extra as I would’ve ordered the d7g with angle blade and rops but I was hesitant as to the pin set up ie d8k by the time found out you had fixed this issue it was to late to order one suppliers pre sold out I hope you can help me with this request. Thank you Shane Rankine. Australia. CCM collecter

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