Recently delivered to our warehouse, the incredibly detailed Cat® D7G in precision 1:48 scale die-cast is now available to purchase in 2 unique configurations.

The first variation is equipped with a positionable A-Blade, functional winch and sweeps with additional cab guard while the second has a movable S-Blade and Multi-Shank Ripper. Both models feature a highly detailed open ROPS cab with modeled controls and foot pedals. The models sit on independently linked, free rolling tracks with functional track tensioner and drive sprocket.

D7G A-Blade

Retail price for these models has been set at $219.95 and the production run has been limited to 500 pieces for each variation. Place your order for one, or both, of the incredible detailed Cat D7G Dozers in precision 1:48 scale today. For more information about each version, please visit the respective link below.

One thought on “Unsealed: Cat® D7G’s Have Arrived!
  • Got a case of my D7Gs w/angle blades they are ok but lm kinda disappointed but I think I can get them doctored up so they are acceptable. But at least I have them I’ve been waiting on someone to build them for years. Can you build me engine shields ?

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