With an uneventful trip across the water and through Customs, the 1:48 scale die-cast Cat® 992B Wheel Loaders have been delivered to our warehouse!  After a thorough inspection of a random sample of models, we began the process of sorting orders with outbound shipments started this week.

Models are being shipped in the order of which payment is received, so, if you haven’t already, be sure to make payment arrangements at your earliest convenience.  With the Beadless Tire version completely spoken for, and only a few of the Standard version remaining, be sure to place your order now to ensure you are fortunate enough to add this incredible model to your collection.

8 thoughts on “Unsealed: Cat® 992B Wheel Loaders
  • Fantastic, its a shame the old style packaging with the period correct (for the model) markings has had to make way for the current Cat logo.

  • CCM , This model is pitiful, what’s with the ARMS? The light boxes , detail in general, the 988 has the same loader linkage and you did a good job on it and it’s general detail, WHAT A DiSSAPOINTMENT!!!! I have 16 other ccms so I am a customer.

  • Thanks recived mine today not being an expert on Cat loaders model looks great .
    Also recived in nice condition throughout the the trip down under.
    Cannot wait for the Cat face shovel 6090 to arrive .
    How about making a model of D7 with a Rome pow the type used in Veitnam
    in mititary colours for clearing bush

  • Alain Guilbeault Reply

    I receive my 992B very nice detail unit #355 but i did not receive the brochure of the 992B . Can you send it to me please.

    • Alain Guilbeault Reply

      I receive my 992B very nice detail. I m glad you reproduce old caterpillar machinery i find them exiting , im my self machinery operator.
      Thanks CCM
      I got five ccm unit

  • Very disappointing. The loader arms are stiff and mine cannot go above horizontal. Steering wheel is not straight in the cab,paint chip on the roof. This is my second. I sent my first one back to the dealer. the wheels did not roll properly. I believe the front axle was bent. I have many other CCM products. This is the worst. good idea, but poor quality.

    • Hi Fred,

      There’s a fine balancing act being performed by the cylinders in that if they’re not stiff enough they will not maintain position and as you’re experiencing can feel like they’re too stiff to move. A tiny amount of silicone applied to the cylinder rods will normally help free up the cylinders. If the added oil doesn’t free up the cylinders more force can be applied while holding the model by the front differential and steering articulation joint between thumb and finger of one hand while using the thumb fingers of other hand to apply slow consistent pressure on the ends of both bucket arms.

      Unfortunately, the nature of hand built models makes for variations in each model part and on the models that when held side to side differences will be noticeable upon careful inspection. We will continue to do our best to ensure that these differences are as minor as possible but also hope you can appreciate the challenges of maintaining consistency with projects of this magnitude.

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