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Place your guesses in the comments below!

Our model maker has been sending us progress photos of the Bucyrus-Erie 1850-B “Brutus” model in 1:87 scale brass, and we just had to share them with our collectors.  From the photos, you can get an idea for just how many parts go into each of these models and the level of intricate detailing required during assembly.  As you can tell, these brass models are painstakingly hand-assembled by extremely skilled individuals; they do not magically fall out of a mold in one piece ready for display.

The first prototype models currently have completed truck assemblies, dipper & bucket, swing gear, and the bottom of the housing, with hundreds more pieces of cast, etched, and machined brass to be assembled before the model is complete.  The model will be finished with period correct colors, as well as both Bucyrus-Erie and Pittsburg & Midway markings.


Take a look through the gallery below, and see if you can identify any of the parts pictured in the photo above.  Then, place your guesses in the comments!

Each “Brutus” model will come with an individually signed and serial-numbered certificate of authenticity. Pricing has been set at $7,495.00, and while the production quantity has not yet been set, you can guarantee this will be an extremely limited production.  Requests for this model will be cut off on September 8th, if this a must have piece for your collection be sure to request your precision scale model of the Bucyrus-Erie 1850-B by the close of business that day.  As always, we’ll keep you posted here with further progress of the 1:87 scale brass Bucyrus-Erie 1850-B “Brutus”.

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