Finishing their highly anticipated production cycle, we are excited to announce that the Cat® D11 and D11 Carry Dozer in precision 1:24 scale die-cast have been loaded into their container and are currently being shipped to our warehouse. Assuming no complications in transit or Customs, we expect to see these models here in roughly 3-5 weeks’ time.

Once the models arrive, we will begin emailing invoices to individuals that are on the request list.  Be sure to take care of payment at your earliest convenience – we have more requests than models available and shipments will begin in order of receipt of payment. Preference will be given to those who have a history of purchasing the models they have requested from CCM.

Unfortunately, for those who have not yet placed a request for this model, the backup list is closed as demand has already exceeded the production run.

For more information about either configuration of the 1:24 scale D11, please click on the respective link below.

3 thoughts on “On The Water: 1:24 Cat® D11’s Have Shipped!
  • Awesome news! I have been patiently waiting for seems like 2 years or more for the D11’s to be produced. Gary and Grant sure know how to create excitement in the diecast construction model world. Great job! What will be next in 1:24 diecast and brass?

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