1:24 Cat® D11 Carrydozer – Die-cast


Closed Edition

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  • Scale:  1:24
  • Material:  Die-cast
  • Production Run: 411
  • Production Year: 2020

Model Dimensions (approximate):

  • Length:  18.1″
  • Width:  11″
  • Height:  7.7″

Introducing our newest model of the largest dozer in the Caterpillar® family to join the CCM collection of die-cast replicas, the D11 Carry Dozer with Multi-shank ripper in precision 1:24 scale.  Standing at approximately 7.7″ at the top of the ROPS canopy, this impressive model reaches 18.1″ long and 11″ wide.

Features on this model that capture the attention include:

•  Carrydozer Blade
•  Multi-shank ripper
•  Fire suppression package
•  Positionable cab access ladder
•  Mirrors, work lights, safety rails
•  Opening cab doors
•  Detailed cab & instrumentation
•  Joystick & foot controls
•  Individually linked, free-rolling tracks
•  Functional track tensioners
•  Engine visible through multiple opening engine access doors

Paint and markings are approved by the manufacturer for accuracy.

Includes a signed and serial-numbered spec brochure reproduction.


The D11 is built to move more material per hour, improving both productivity and efficiency.  Equipped with a C32 ACERT™ engine, this workhorse produces 850 HP at 1,800 RPM with a high torque rise of 21%, allowing the D11 to easily doze through tough material.  The planetary powershift transmission with 3 forward and 3 reverse gears provides a top speed of 7.3 MPH forward and 8.7 MPH in reverse.  A torque divider between the engine and the transmission acts as the hydrodynamic component, reducing the possibility of damage to the power train by dampening impact loads and vibrations.

Configured as a Carry Dozer with Multi-shank ripper, this machine is designed to carry loads in the 57 yd.³ Carry Dozer blade and provides the operator with enhanced balance and stability during transit.  The frame is specifically designed for carrying material long distances, and accepts the additional frame load generated by the unique Carry Dozer blade design.  The D11 electronic systems have also been completely integrated to function as one machine, creating a smarter machine and a more informed operator, maximizing the productivity of both.


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850HP @ 1800RPM


Planetary powershift

Top Speed (Forward)

7.3 MPH

Top Speed (Reverse)

8.7 MPH

Total Operating Weight

248,500 lbs.


36' 2.4"




15' 5.9"


Carrydozer blade


57 cubic yards


Multi-shank Ripper