Next in the ever-expanding 1:48 scale die-cast lineup from Classic Construction Models is a wheel loader built for performance.  Designed as an alternative to crawler shovels in excavating and loading applications, the Cat® 992B nearly doubled the productivity of the next smallest wheel loader, the 988.  Produced by CCM in two configurations, the 992B will be available with either standard or beadless tires, both equipped with a 10 yd.³ heavy duty rock bucket and this machine’s iconic operator’s cab.  Standing at just over 3.5″ tall to the top of the cab, 3.25″ wide, and just over 9″ long, the 992B features functional lift arms, bucket and center point articulation, and realistic steering, matching the movements of the machine 1:1.

An accurately replicated exhaust system, ladders, hand/ guard rails, maintenance access points, hydraulic lines and cylinders, as well as period accurate paint and markings, provide the finishing details that you have come to expect from CCM.  This model is sure to draw attention in any collection, and as with all CCM models the production run will be limited so be sure to request your 992B in precision 1:48 scale die-cast before they are all spoken for!

The Cat 992B Wheel Loader will be packaged in a collector quality box with an individually signed and serial-numbered certificate of authenticity.

Progress photos, production quantities, pricing and delivery information will be updated here for the standard tire configuration and here for the beadless tire version as it becomes available.  Please contact us today to request this model!

15 thoughts on “New Model Announcement: Cat® 992B Wheel Loader
  • This Looks like an exciting new reproduction of a classic Caterpillar 992-B Wheel loader, for the CCM Collectors.
    I hope some day CCM produces and offer’s the Caterpillar D8-k series, and the D6-D series, Bulldozer’s, in the 1/48 scale with enclosed Cab, U-Dozer and Rippers for us avid collectors.

    • Hi, so are there any 1/24 wheel loaders that were produced.. I’m into 1/16 trucks and like 1/24 and 1/16 equipment.. just trying to find something in that size that is CAT .. any info would be greatly appreciated.. Bill

  • Good news!!! Lets hope for the 992B along with some other heritage models like D8K, 245, 769 etc. in 1:24 scale!

  • good news! Bit by bit we are completing the 1/48 scale collection
    Friends of ccm I hope someday to have the caterpillar D8K in scale 1/48 and the caterpillar 980c wheel loader
    Also in 1/48 scale

  • The old equipment is alright. However there are some younger die hard equipment operators/ enthusiasts that would like to see more modern day equipment in 1/48. Machines like backhoe loaders are hard to come by in high detailed replicas but are present on almost every site. 1/24 models are to costly and hard to display.

  • This is great news guys, you just can’t go wrong modelling a wheel loader… and it’s been a while since the last one 🙂

    About smaller equipment, I’ve heard modelling them in 1/48 diecast can be difficult maintaining your high detail standards. But there’s demand though.
    I agree that for most collectors 1/24 is hard to collect especially in larger amounts and 1/48 brass probably won’t be the solution either.
    I’d vote for trying 1/32 scale diecast for the smaller equipment, it’s compatible with farm models too if anyone appreciates that fact, and there are and will be some very nice construction models too in that scale already.
    Some suggestions, maybe a kind of vintage contractor collection series: Cat IT 12, 920, 214B FT, 219 LC, 12G, 438, D5B.

    • We thought is was about time to do another wheel loader! A vintage Contractor Collection Series would be a great series for any collector, and those are great suggestions for the machines that could make up this series!

      For the smaller machines, the size of these machines make them ideal for jobs where maneuverability is key, but presents several challenges when modeling at scale. Releasing the Contractor’s Collection in 1:24 scale has allowed us to achieve the level of detailing and functionality on these models that you have come to expect from Classic Construction Models.

  • Great news of the Caterpillar 992B loader. I Would hope to see this complemented with an early Caterpillar 773, with greedy board style skip in the future. I would like to see for a future release in 1.48 scale, A Caterpillar D8H (46A) with a Caterpillar 435, or 463 draw bar style pull scraper, with wire ropes. Here’s to hoping.

  • great news!! I’m happy because it’s 1/48 scale
    Only I worried about one thing, it is on the defects of the models
    Please ccm team have more understanding in the quality.

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