CCM is excited to announce the modeling of two unique earthmoving machines, the single engine Cat 633D & tandem-powered 639D Elevating Wheel-Tractor Scrapers in 1:48 scale die-cast.  Approximate measurements on these models are 12″ long, 3.25″ wide, and 3.625″ to the top of the cab.

Immediately upon inspection of these replicas the eye will be drawn to the highly detailed operator’s cab featuring a closed ROPS design with accurately replicated controls and pedals, complete with instrumentation.

Extensive attention has been given to the elevating scraper mechanism on the two models, which have been modeled in a static display position. Modeling a functional scraper mechanism in 1:48 scale raised durability concerns as well as design constraints, and the decision was made to focus our efforts on other significant details.

The tilting floor, a feature unique to these elevating scrapers, moves back in an arc to dump. Other areas worth noting on the 639D include the Caterpillar 3306T rear engine which is visible through an open engine bay.

Hydraulic lines, wipers, mirrors, and handrails all provide an extra level of realism, setting these models apart in even the most impressive of collections. The Cat 633D & 639D Elevating Scrapers will be packaged in a collector quality box with an individually signed and serial-numbered certificate of authenticity.

Although we are too early in the process to determine price, production run, or availability, we will keep you up to date on news and developments on these models at the respective links below.

7 thoughts on “New Model Announcement: Cat® 633D & 639D Elevating Wheel-Tractor Scrapers
  • great news for those who collect those machines, I still don’t see cat 980c, cat769c or D and cat988B in scale 1/48
    I hope to see him someday

    • Those lucky 1:48 guys! I’m crossing my fingers for Nico’s list in 1:25….plus a 966C for good measure.

  • Charles Fairbairn Reply

    Very exciting news and we have updated our Classic Machine reviews on both machines with links to your for anyone interested in reading them..

  • The scraper releases seem quite endless 🙂 Nothing wrong with that, some collectors now have a chance to get very impressive fleets of machines, well done guys..! Particularly these latest selections for models are very nice.

    However personally I’m with Nico and Keith here, hopefully we see a new wheel loader release soon for a change… in 1:48 and preferably some of those classics mentioned, in addition to that the monoboom models are at the top of my wishlist: 988G/988H or 992G (which should be easier since you already have done it in 1:87).

    Yes, some kind of “Classic Contractor Series” in 1:24 would be most welcome too, hopefully that’s in the works 🙂 My vote would be emphasis on the machines of the 70’s and 80’s, and also the smaller ones that have been neglected a bit so far for scale reasons, one example being the IT series classic wheel loaders.

  • I’m new to your site and am glad to see the 633 on the horizon. I’m from Colorado and the largest fleets in the country were sold by Wagner Cat in Colorado. They were the machine of choice for developing the Denver Metro housing subdivisions using a technique called overlotting. Nothing could move dirt like the 633. Tens of thousands of homes were built with them.

  • The 633 is looking good I will have one as soon as they are released for they put me to where I am today thanks

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