It is with great excitement that we announce the newest models to join our ever-expanding collection of 1:48 scale die-cast replicas, the Cat® D9G Track-Type Tractor.  Produced in 3 different configurations, the D9G will be available as a Standard Ripper version with 9R Rip Blade & Multi-Shank Ripper, as a Push version with 9C Cushion Blade & Push Block, and as a DD9G with Dual D9 Tandem Tractors & 9C Cushion Blade.  All three versions will be produced with an open operator’s station, although the DD9G features an umbrella cover over the angled operator’s station on the front tractor.

Achieving a level of detail that you have come to expect from Classic Construction Models, some of the notable features on these models include fully articulated dozer blades and positionable attachments, allowing for numerous display options.  The detailed D353 Turbo engine is visible through an open engine bay, and upon closer inspection of the operator’s station you will find accurately replicated controls and instrumentation.  The tracks are modeled from individually linked, free-rolling track pads and feature functional track tensioners, drive sprockets, and modeled idlers.

Each variation of the Cat D9G Track-Type Tractor will be packaged in a collector quality box with an individually signed and serial-numbered certificate of authenticity.  With a limited production run in each configuration, be sure to place a request today before they are all spoken for.

Click on the images below to learn more about the Standard Ripper version with 9R Rip Blade & Multi-Shank Ripper, Push version with 9C Cushion Blade & Push Block, and DD9G with Dual D9 Tandem Tractors, 9C Cushion Blade & Weight Transfer Tractor Coupling.

Cat D9G with 9R Rip Blade & Multi-Shank Ripper

Cat D9G with 9C Cushion Blade & Push Block

Cat DD9G with Dual D9 Tandem Tractors & 9C Cushion Blade

With production well underway, we are expecting to see these models available early in 2018.  We will keep you up to date on any developments, as well as any progress photos, production quantities, and pricing information on their respective pages as it is announced.  Please contact us today to place your request for these models!

4 thoughts on “New Model Announcement: 1:48 Cat® D9G Track-Type Tractor – Die-cast
  • It’s great news and a great surprise!
    I want to thank the whole CCM team,
    for these historical models and so desired.Thanks to you our collection
    it grows to 1/48 scale every time I am impressed by the good finish it has
    these models. Waiting for one day to see the cat 980C and cat 955L in
    scale 1/48
    I do not lose the hope

  • Change the dash face to grey or silver and it will look right ! Otherwise it looks like a bad auction paint over

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