Announcing the latest addition to our collection of precision 1:24 scale die-cast models, it is with great excitement that we present to you the iconic Cat® D11 Dozer in 2 configurations.  Produced with a U-Blade and Single-shank heavy ripper, as well as a Carry Dozer w/ Multi-shank ripper, these models are sure to be a focal point in any collection.  Standing approximately 7.7″ tall at the top of the ROPS canopy, these models range from 17.4″-18.1″ in length and measure between 10.4″-11″ wide, depending on configuration.

Featuring a Cat C32 ACERT engine, the D11 produces 850HP @ 1800 RPM and is a highly effective mass dozing machine.  Purpose-built to move large quantities of material over long distances, this machine is ideal for removing overburden or in mine reclamation, working efficiently to move loose or blasted material.

Equipped with a Carrydozer blade, the D11 CD carries material inside the curve of the blade rather than pushing it.  This increases the effective weight of the tractor, enabling larger loads in front of the blade and enhancing operation on steeper slopes.

Although we are too early in the process to predict when these models will be available with any accuracy, we will keep you up to date with more information, including pricing and production run, as we have it.  Be sure to place  your request today to ensure you are fortunate enough to add the D11 in stunning detail to your collection.

D11 Dozer w/ U-Blade
D11 Carrydozer

Please select from the images above to learn more about each model’s configuration.

34 thoughts on “New Model Announcement: 1:24 Cat® D11 Dozer – Die-cast
  • Hi is am just enquiring into the new d11t 1:24 scale model which is yet to be released. Can I please be put on the list to purchase please

  • How Much? When is it to be released/ And I have been told Diecast Masters has EXCLUSIVE CAT Lcense now.

  • that 1/48 scale machine would have been perfect
    for our collection as it is a more demanded scale
    For me, CCM is the best manufacturer. the manufacturer die-cast masters I dont not buy anything
    I have noticed their models and I see the big rivets and the doll inside the cabin horrible for example the cat D10T-2 and CAT 11T have put the same final control and the hinges of the side doors of the engine are very big. for me the models of die-cast masters are toys

  • Just a brief note I have been selling CCM products for a number of years and I enjoy doing business with them over the years they make a great product to sell. In reply to Lupe remarks about Diecast Masters products which I also sell. They are a new company less then 3 years old and big improvements over Norscot everybody
    has there own opinion but they have faults just like CCM has had over the years. Lot depends on your pocket book how much you can spend. Thank You enjoy collecting Cat whether it be CCM or Diecast Masters.

  • Hello,
    Thanks in advance to the ccm team for the opportunity it gives us to let us express ourselves here.I have been collecting CCM models at 1/48 scale for many years
    it is true that it has some failures, the most outstanding being the excess of glue and the paint patches to cover some defect,I only want ccm products to correct those defects
    It is true that this model would be great in 1/48 scale. I hope that ccm will take out more machines in 1/48 scale and that our collection will be completed little by little

    I from the brand diecast masters bought little or nothing
    I see their models very expensive and little details in their models for the same price I prefer a nzg model

  • I think a 1/24 scale model is fine to display on a desk in an office, but the 1/48 scale is quite good for collecting and displaying it in a display case, they are the ideal size I prefer scale 1/48

  • 1:24 models are great models in detail, functions & collectability. They might be quite large but still, they are very well engineered and pleasing to the eye. They look like real collecting items. Some of the 1:48 models look nice as well but they lack details. Hoping for more to come along both in contractor collector series and mining machines as well! Some heritage machines like the D10, 245 etc. will be nice in 1:24 as well.

  • Just my two cents on the ideal scale debate, very good reasoning and arguments already here…

    Yes 1:48 is good (or even the best) to collect especially in large amounts, but it’s hard to make the models even nearly as detailed as in 1:24, and I remember CCM even stating somewhere that smaller equipment likely won’t be made by them in 1:48 diecast. Hence the Contractor collection for example. On the other hand I wonder what’s the limit how big a machine is reasonable to make into a 1:24 model, I guess not necessarily much bigger than the D11 🙂

    I’ve been thinking about the scales subject a bit lately, due to certain surprising model releases, and would like to bring this to the conversation:
    The 1:32 scale.
    Probably people don’t want to see the model offerings to fragment into even more scales, but personally I’d suggest CCM and fellow collectors to consider this scale (which is familiar to some mainly from farm models) as an alternative to 1:24. The things mentioned above, collectability & displayability, and possibilities for high detail, are certainly all there.

    Of course in the end it depends both on the collectors and the model makers which scales are and continue to be popular in the different fields of scale modelling. Like it or not, but sometimes an interesting or even a must-have model is released in a “wrong” scale, I guess especially the OEMs sometimes like to have physically bigger stuff than 1:48. But as I like to think, no problem to have dedicated shelves or display cabinets for several scales…

    So to conclude this too long message, I’ll just say that if it’s not about dioramas, why actually be so strict what scale to collect..? I mean, in those situations when it’s going to be bigger than 1:48 anyway, would for example that 1:32 be an option if tempting high quality models were available..?

  • I think the ideal would be to make the same model in Scala 1/48 and Scala 1/32
    so everyone happy I do not think ccm had problems selling the 2 scales
    greetings to all

  • Ladies and Gentlemen
    Models are models, and not the actual real machine. If you want that detail buy the real machine. As for as CCM models their great models. Yes they cost more than others but their limited runs . In reality they sit on a shelf and people come and look at them. They have no clue that there’s a detail missing . Their just amazed at the model.
    I have a glass case with CCM 1/48 scale models in it. I have CCM and First Gear 1/24 models and 1/16 Acmoc road graders. The bottom case also has Twh cat rope shoval in 1/48 and the Twh PnH rope shoval. On top of the case I have all the versions of the 4100 Manitowoc cranes by Twh.
    Diecast masters was always going to be another version of little bit better than norscot quality.

  • some manufacturers put in the boxes of the models (model pricision) we pay an expensive price for some model thinking that they are almost exact to the real,
    no need to buy a real machine friend Andrew DalPonte

    simply that the manufacturers worry a little more in the details
    I have seen manufacturers for example (universal hobbies) is a cheaper manufacturer and has better detailed models also NZG has good models

    The manufacturer die-cast masters. They have good models the fault they have is the excess of paint and the rivets very large if they correct those failures would also be good models, ccm also has many defects and I do not see that they want to correct
    for example the excess of glue.

  • Hello. All I have is 1/24. D7 d10 but the 6090 I just got is huge. 1/48. I love it. When I’m sitting watching tv I want to see my awesome dozers an excavators.
    I wouldn’t own anything smaller. Unless on my desk like a paper weight. Y would you want to have to get right up an try to enjoy the model. Way to small for me. Can’t wait to get my 1/24 d11s. A few of those next to the d10s will be perfect. Thanks ccm. I love the big stuff.

  • I collect 1:24 and 1:32 scale. I own quite a bit of CCM equipment in 1:24. The detail and size is pretty incredible. The functionality of the equipment is very impressive. I have the D10T2 with coal blade and it is something else. I can’t wait for the D11’s to come. I have both varieties on order. Hoping CCM makes more in 1:24 scale. Now that they’ve made a D11, maybe a larger excavator than the 336 will make it in the 1:24 scale series. No offense to anyone that collects 1:48 scale, but it’s just too small in my opinion.

  • Guys Listen up if you want only the Best and you Need the best CCM is #1 not Diecast Masters not Norscot not Tonkin Replicas these 3 do not even come close to anything CCM has Made and they never ever will CCM does the job Right every time all the time they make Cat Diecast Replicas and Brass Replicas right the first time they pay attention to the Details right the first time you want corners cut less detail go get a Norscot, Tonkin Replica Diecast Masters again nobody comes close to a CCM Model nobody

  • Hello CCM Models I can not wait for the Pre Production version to come out so we all can see how awesome this Bulldozing Monster is going to be before it gets Produced

  • I do not know what is going on with these 1/24 Scale Cat D11’s I just can tell you all this when these come out get ready because these 1/24 scale Cat D11’s are going to be the hugest news in Diecast Construction Equipment this year 😉

    • I sent them an email awhile back (before christmas) and they said sometime early this year they would release them. What a better week to do it with con expo in vegas. Maybe its time for another email?

  • Update, I reached out to CCM since they can’t update this.

    “Hi Max, we are currently delayed on the 1:24 D11’s – our manufacturer is working with a skeleton crew but we are hoping to see a sample shortly that we can share!”

    So its the same answer I got months ago from them.

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