Without question, the Michigan T-24 toy crane produced by Ny-Lint during the 1950’s is one of the most memorable construction toys ever created.  Perfect for excavating either a sandbox or a cereal bowl, this toy was made for hard play.  Equipped with two functional hand cranked hoists, a working clamshell bucket, outriggers, articulated steering, and rubber tires, it is not surprising a number of crane operators received their early hands-on training in the “seat” of a Ny-Lint Michigan crane.

The original toy Michigan T-24 produced by Ny-Lint was such an iconic part of children’s playtime from the 1950’s and 60’s, CCM decided to create a collection of brass models in 1:48 scale designed to be put on display in smaller spaces.  The creative minds at CCM couldn’t leave well enough alone and even fashioned variations of a crane, pile driver, and log loader on both rubber tires and crawler tracks.

These toys and models were featured in the 2011 November edition of Toy Trucker & Contractor.

Toy Trucker 11-2011 1 Toy Trucker 11-2011 2

Toy Trucker 11-2011 3Toy Trucker 11-2011 4

Five years after production and we are still in awe at the level of accuracy with which we were able to recreate these amazing pieces of history.  These Michigan T-24 models are certain to “drive” childhood memories home for the collectors who are fortunate enough to add these to their collection.

Only a few of these models remain in stock, the 1:48 Michigan C-24 Toy Crawler Crane, the 1:48 Michigan C-24 Toy Crawler Crane with Pile Driver, and the 1:48 Michigan T-24 Toy Truck Crane with Pile Driver.  You can learn more about each of these models on our website by clicking on the model’s respective links above.  Act quickly to ensure your collection is complete with these CCM models of the Michigan in beautifully reproduced, 1:48 scale brass.

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