1:48 Michigan T-24 Toy Truck Crane with Pile Driver – Brass


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  • Accurate to original Ny-lint toys
  • Detailed free-rolling rubber tires
  • Working winches and drop hammer
  • High quality brass construction
  • Accurate Ny-lint paint & Michigan markings

This Michigan T-24 pile driver is a unique addition to our line of 1:48 brass model toys inspired by the originals from the ‘50’s. Other than being one-third the size, it is virtually indistinguishable from the pressed steel, 1:16 scale toy. If you’re saying “Wait a minute, there never was a pile driver version of the toy” you’re right, we just picked up where the toy makers left off 50 odd years ago and made this in the same spirit. This model toy uses the same carrier as the T-24 crane with its detailed rubber tires, working outriggers and steerable front axle. The pile driver “front” features a working headache ball, drop hammer and adjustable leads. Only 200 of these will ever be produced, making this a classic addtion to your collection or put to work on your O gauge layout.

Additional information

Production Run

Limited to 200 pieces

Precision Scale



8.5" long, 2.5" wide, 7.5" tall



Production Year