In 2011, Classic Construction Models released the precision 1:87 scale, all brass Lampson 4600 Ringer Crane in a limited production run of 150 pieces.  We recognized the impact that the Lampson crawler transporter has had on the Heavy Lift and Transport industry, and decided to replicate the 4600 with the increased maximum capacity realized by the Ringer base it stands on.

The Lampson crawler transporter, introduced in the early 1970’s, laid the groundwork for what would become one of the most versatile heavy lift systems available.  With the 60-foot Ringer configuration, the Lampson 4600 realizes an increase in maximum capacity of 400%, up to 750 tons, by distributing the load over a larger area.  This increased capacity, however, comes at a loss of mobility for the crane as it needs to be set up in position on site.  Independent operation of the hoist, swing, boom hoist, and travel function allow the operator more control while making the machine easily adaptable to all lift situations.

Precisely replicated features on this model include individually soldered boom, mast, and jib lattices which have all been accurately painted with Lampson colors and markings.  Ladders, hand rails, and maintenance access stairways have all been included as well as the stiff-leg gantry, counterweight, and crawler outriggers.  The functionality realized on this model is second-to-none and includes spring loaded, self-locking drums which control the accurately depicted, adjustable rigging and allows for multiple boom display positions.  The positionable operators cab is fully detailed and includes windshield wipers on both the top and front windows.  The functioning crawlers on the Lampson 4600 consist of individually linked track pads, and the crane rotates a full 360° on the Ringer base.

Only 150 of these models were made and measure 20.5” long, 8.5” wide, and 26.5” in height.  These incredible reproductions come with an individually signed and serial numbered Certificate of Authenticity.  With only a few of these models remaining in stock, don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to add this memorable model to your collection before they are gone for good!

Lampson 4600 Ringer Crane

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