We recently received the first sample models of each configuration from the upcoming Cat® D8K, the latest models to join our ever-expanding collection of precision 1:48 scale die-cast replicas.  After a trip to the photo booth, we are excited to share the progress with our collectors.

Retail price on each variation of the D8K has been set at $259.95 – although we are too early in the process to determine availability, we hope to have them here in the 3rd Quarter of 2018. We will provide progress updates as this project develops.

For more information about each model including production runs, as well as additional photos, please click on the respective image below.

D8K with U-Blade D8K Dozer with A-Blade D8K with S-Blade
U-Blade with Multi-Shank Ripper A-Blade with Winch

S-Blade with Single-Shank Ripper

11 thoughts on “Just In: First Samples of the Cat® D8K Are Here
  • The shift and steering levers seem bulky not right and I agree bout the mufflers look better black or a better silver other than that I love the models thanks

  • the machines look great, what worries me is that the shovel cylinders It is very thick and the guide wheel looks strange
    I hope they rectify it.
    thank you very much to ccm for keeping us informed!

  • I am wondering if there was ever a D7G Dozer made with modular cab and multi shank parallelogram ripper with Ruth a straight or a full U blade in a scale model, I would like to find one

  • Blade trunions have covers to protect the hydraulic lines all of the blade mounts. Should only be on the right hand side and not at all on A blade version without the hydraulic tilt. Hope this corrected on final versions.
    Nice model, good to see some mid range dozers being made. How about a D7G and or D6D, even LGP versions?

  • Very excited to get this D8K model. I would also like to see the D7G and/or D6D, angle blade & winch configuration produced.

  • I haven’t yet but I’ll probably buy a D8K model with angle blade and open rops . What I’d love to have is a D6C or D with rops and sweeps. No ripper. Engine enclosures would be great. That’s my thoughts! Thanks!

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