We recently received the first samples of our upcoming die-cast reproduction of the Cat® D7G Dozer in precision 1:48 scale. After getting these models into the photo booth, they underwent a full review both in-house and by Caterpillar® for accuracy.

Although a few minor changes will be implemented into the final version, these models have been approved to begin production immediately.

Production run for these models have been limited to 500 pieces of each variation, and the retail price has been set at $219.95. While we are still too early in the process to determine when they will be available, we will keep you up to date on these models at their respective links below.

7 thoughts on “Just In: First Cat® D7G Samples Have Arrived
  • the machine looks good,
    I have some questions, will the grill be made of plastic?
    and they don’t have headlights front, only they have rear ones?
    ripper bulldozer, looks weird with the portholes on top of the radiator.
    I hope it is corrected

  • Does the blade go all the way down? Track sag correct? Front headlights? If so i will get one or two.

  • Johnny Mathews Reply

    Can you get a brush guard on the S blade machine but it does have the holes for it?

  • Good looking models
    Hard to see from pictures, but the fuel tank looks to wide. The D7G’s we had, had enough space to carry some fuel cans, track spade & tarp in the gap between the tank and the side frame.

  • Ccm can just never get it right on there 1/50 overpriced crap …… Hopefully FIRST GEAR BUYS you out and turns things around !!!!

  • I have looked at the actual machine, I see that the front upper roller bracket on cat D7G doesn’t have those four holes, it only has them on cat D8K
    the rear final drive cover on the cat D7G has 6 screws, on the ccm machine it looks a lot like the cat D8K

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