Recently, the first samples of our Cat® 992B Wheel Loader – Standard and Beadless Tire versions – were delivered to our warehouse, and the results are absolutely stunning.  After an extensive review by both CCM and Caterpillar®, the required modifications have been made by the model maker and production is underway.

Retail price has been set at $279.95 for the 992B Standard Version with production limited to 575 pieces, and $299.95 for the 992B Beadless Tire Version, which has been limited to 425 pieces.  While we are still too early in the process to predict when these models will be complete, you can see more pictures of these models, and we will keep you up to date on progress and developments, on each model’s respective product page.  Customers that have requested these models will receive notification once the models have set sail with an estimated delivery time frame.

Cat 992B Standard Version

Cat 992B Beadless Tire Version

6 thoughts on “Just In: 992B Sample Models Have Arrived
  • Looks like u nailed it ! Couple of fire extinguishers up by ROPS for finish, couple rear more rear lights on rear of ROPS Rubber tired version could have Goodyear rock grip block tires, make extra engine sound proof package covers for rubber tired version for optional purchase like umbrella was for 834, 666 scrapers possibly? Cheers Glenn KMC

  • What a great Model.It looks very great.God job CCM.Can´t wait to get mine at home.
    Hope you make a Cat 966C Model too.

  • A couple of fire extinguishers, more lights,goodyerar tires, and open door in the cab.
    Anymore. The rest of the work: perfect


  • Hello CCM Team,

    Your upcoming models Cat 992B and Cat6090FS are fantastic i love it all over,when i see the Pictures.

    Best regards
    CCM Collectorfriend from Germany near Country Hannover

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