At the time of its introduction, the Cat® D9G Track-Type Tractor was one of the most powerful, productive, and versatile machines available in the Caterpillar® lineup.  From push-loading or pulling cable-controlled scrapers to volume dozing and ripping, the D9G could be configured to match virtually any operating conditions.  Due to its adaptability, the D9G could be found on practically any job site including mining and quarry work, road building, forestry, and earthmoving applications.

The key to the versatility realized by these machines were the number of available attachments.  Bulldozer options for the D9G included the 9S Straight Blade, the 9U Universal Blade, 9A Angle Blade, 9R Rip Blade, or 9C Push Blade (with either one or two hydraulic cylinders).  Push cups were also available to adapt the straight 9R and 9S blades for pusher duty, as was a moldboard push plate which could be welded to the blade to protect it during push-loading.  C-Frame D9G’s could also be equipped with a cushion push cup attached to the front for reduced contact shock in push-loading.

The D9G Track-Type Tractor could also be configured as a DD9G with dual D9 tractors in tandem, as well as a SxS D9G with dual D9 tractors side-by-side.  Both of these configurations allowed for simultaneous control of both tractors by one operator through the use of air controls, although the secondary tractor could also be operated separately via mechanical controls.  The DD9G excelled where the full power of two tractors was required from the moment of contact, eliminating wait time for positioning a second tractor.  This was particularly advantageous when push-loading scrapers with tough material such as shale, clay, limestone, hardpan, cemented gravel, and frozen ground.  In volume bulldozing applications, the SxS D9G was equipped with a special 24′ wide U-blade, which could be tilted through separate operation of each tractor’s hydraulic lift cylinders.  Realizing 770 flywheel horsepower, the DD9G and SxS D9G were all but unstoppable.  Other benefits of utilizing either of these configurations included less traffic in the cut, reduced operator fatigue, and reduced operating costs as only one operator was required for both tractors.

With so many possible configurations designed for special dozing applications, it is no wonder the D9G is considered one of the greatest crawler tractors ever built.  Recognizing the importance of this machine, Classic Construction Models will recreate 3 distinct configurations in precise 1:48 scale die-cast.  Available with a 9R Rip Blade & Multi-shank Ripper, as a D9G Push with Cushion Blade and Push Block, and also as a DD9G Push with Dual D9 Tractors in tandem, these models promise to capture all the glory of these machines.  As with all our models, the D9G Track-Type Tractor will be produced in a limited-edition, so be sure to place your request as soon as possible.

1,000 pieces of the D9G with Rip Blade and Multi-Shank Ripper, 500 of the D9G with Cushion Blade and Push Block, and 250 DD9G’s will be produced in this one-time production run.  Pricing for the D9G with Rip Blade will be $289.95, the D9G Push will be available for $299.95, while the DD9G will be sold for $599.  Regrettably, all of the DD9G models have already been spoken for.  Click on the images below to learn more about each configuration.


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