In 2008, Caterpillar introduced the revolutionary Cat® D7E Electric Drive Track-Type Tractor as a complete upgrade to the D7R2. The electric drive system on this machine set it apart from the competition, as well as its predecessors, utilizing a hybrid-electric drive train which realizes an increase in fuel efficiency of up to 30%. With the capacity to move as much as 10% more material per hour, the D7E was designed to increase productivity while keeping operating costs in mind.


Powered by a C9.3 ACERT motor producing 235 HP at the flywheel, the innovative diesel-electric powertrain delivers the best possible balance of heavy-dozing and fine-grading performance. Replacing traditional mechanical components such as a torque converter and transmission, the D7E utilizes an electric generator, power inverter, and propulsion module which efficiently converts mechanical energy into AC electrical current to drive the motor, while a DC current powers accessory systems.


Serviceability was taken into account on the D7E, with a ground level service center making maintenance possible without ever setting foot on the machine. The tilting cab provides easy access to major components such as the generator, propulsion module, power electronics, and hydraulic systems. Ground level sight gauges allow you to inspect fluid levels at a glance, and the HVAC system is self-contained, increasing the service interval while improving ease of serviceability.


Perhaps the greatest improvements on this legendary machine are the technological upgrades such as AccuGrade and Product Link™ technologies. AccuGrade uses positioning and guidance technologies and sensors, with automatic blade control processes to help operators get to grade faster, easier and more efficiently. In conjunction with Product Link, the guesswork of equipment management is removed by utilizing remote monitoring capabilities for your machine or fleet.


The D7E can also be configured as a Waste Handler or a Stockpile Machine and has the ability to integrate with a variety of work tools, including multiple blade options, multi-shank ripper, winch, or drawbar, allowing you to optimize this machine specifically for the work you need done.


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