1:24 Cat® D7E Track-Type Tractor – Die-Cast


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  • Scale:  1:24
  • Material:  Die-cast
  • Production Run: 1000
  • Production Year: 2010

Model Dimensions (approximate):

  • Length:  9.5″
  • Width:  5.75″
  • Height:  5.5″

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Everything expected from CCM for detail is readily apparent when you first look at the D7E model. This includes individually linked tracks with tensioners, movable blade, a complete cab interior and accurate markings. A closer look reveals opening engine covers with a fully detailed engine and access panels which when opened allow the cab to tilt and show the entire internal drive train on the dozer. With this standard of die-cast model detail, this will surely become another in the long line of “truly collectible” models from CCM.


•  Fully detailed cab tips to access drive train
•  Access fully detailed engine from covers
•  Individually-linked metal tracks with tensioners
•  Functioning pistons and detailed hydraulics
•  Complete hybrid-electric drive train access

Paint and markings are approved by the manufacturer for accuracy.

Caterpillar introduced their revolutionary D7E electric drive track-type tractor in 2008. Separating the D7E from its competition and predecessors is its hybrid-electric drive train which reduces fuel consumption by 10 to 30 percent while improving the speed and power-to-ground efficiency rating by 10 percent. When combined, these increases result in an astounding 25% improvement in the material moved per gallon of fuel burned. The new design utilizes components that offer up to 50% longer life, and a 60% reduction in the number of moving parts in the electric drive power train. Even change intervals on hydraulic oil and filters has been increased by a factor of two and the power train oil and filters by an astounding factor of four.

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Weight 6.5 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 10 × 8 in
Production Run

Limited to 1000 pieces

Precision Scale



9.5" long, 5.75" wide, 5.5" tall



Production Year