In 1984 Cat® took the 650 series to a whole new level introducing the Cat 657E. Powered by a 550 horsepower 3412E engine up front and 400 horsepower 3408E engine in the rear.

Like its predecessor the 657B, these machines are rated at carrying 32 cubic yards struck/44 cubic yards heaped. Features of the 657E include an enhanced operator’s cab, hydraulic servo-steering, smooth shifting 8 speed automatic transmission (with individual clutch modulation), electronic monitoring system, and Cat’s mastered cushion hitch to absorb bouncing and rough haul road conditions.

The optional push/pull arrangement allows for multiple machines to hook up and load each other. This process is accomplished by the rear machine lowering its bail (the large bar located on the front of the machine) onto the hook that’s on the back of the front machine. The front machine lowers its bowl, and the rear machine then uses the large push cushion centered on its front bumper to push load the front scraper. Once full the front machine raises its bowl and the rear scraper lowers its bowl, the front scraper now pull loads the rear machine. After getting pull loaded the rear scraper will detach its bail and complete the process. This method eliminates the need for a dozer to push the machines and increases production cycle times.

Even with these machines approaching 40 years old many can still be found around the globe working at mines and construction sites every day. Our detailed 1:48 scale diecast model is in tribute to these hard working beasts. We still have a few of our limited run of six hundred 657E’s in stock so don’t miss your once in a lifetime opportunity to add one to your collection (along with a 651E since only four hundred were made) before they are all gone!

6 thoughts on “Iron Profile: Cat® 657E Wheel Tractor Scraper
  • Really nice pieces, extremely detailed and accurately replicated. Highly reccomended.

  • Micheal McErlain Reply

    Fabulous…!! and in this day and age, where the Excavator / Dump Truck combination seems to be the way of moving material. The motor scraper certainly has its place in history as one of the most effective & cheapest way of moving material over short and or long distance..

  • Have these. Great model. The usual outstanding CCM detail. Now, we anxiously await word on the previously announced 1/24th 657E. That is going to be a really great scraper that will go nicely with my 1/24th CAT Dll.

    Gary, any words at all?


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