If you weren’t aware of it, Baggermodelle is a magazine dedicated solely to scale models of construction equipment that is published in Switzerland by Daniel Wietlisbach. The first Baggermodelle Magazine premiered in the Fall of 2009 and as of January, 2015 Daniel has successfully brought 32 editions to the market.

Construction Modeller is the English translated version of the magazine and recently announced some exciting news. They are now available in a digital format!

Combined with the good news is the fact that Construction Modeller chose our Caterpillar 983B model to showcase on their first digital edition cover.

The CCM die-cast model of the 983B features a fully articulated bucket, lift arms, and hydraulics. The track assemblies are completely functional with free-rolling sprockets, rollers, and metal track links. Don’t miss out on this opportunity if you were planning on adding this model to your collection. As of right now all of the 983B ripper models have been spoken for and there are only a few 983B standard versions remaining.

We here at Classic Construction Models are looking froward to seeing more translated digital issues in the future and are excited for Baggermodelle to reach a new English audience.

A special thanks to Daniel and our friends at Baggermodelle for their continued write-ups and superb coverage of scale construction models.

If you haven’t had a chance to check them out see their website or on Facebook.

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