We recently received samples of our upcoming 1:24 scale die-cast Cat D11 from our manufacturer, and after a thorough review and trip to our photo booth, we wanted to share with you a quick update to this project.

From here, these samples are still to undergo inspection by Caterpillar for accuracy, and a final round of packaging testing in an effort to try and minimize damages to the models while being shipped. After any required modifications, production of these models will begin.

The production run on these models has been limited to 511 pieces of the Dozer and 411 pieces of the Carry Dozer, with the retail price set at $895. Although we are still too early to determine when these will be available with any accuracy, we will keep you up to date with progress on our blog.

Check out the links below to get a closer look at both the Dozer and Carry Dozer versions of this upcoming model.

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