After their trip across the water and through Customs, the highly anticipated Cat® 6090FS has been delivered to our warehouse.  Upon arrival, several models were randomly selected for a thorough quality inspection and we are pleased to announce that all models have been cleared for shipment.

All of these models have been spoken for and are shipping in the order in which payment is received.  If you haven’t already, please make sure to take care of payment at your earliest convenience – after 10 days without a response your model will be offered to the next collector on the backup list.

As a reminder, due to the size, weight, and complexity of the 6090FS, all models shipping from Classic Construction Models will be palletized.  Please be sure to make arrangements in advance so your shipment is not delayed.

23 thoughts on “Unsealed: Cat® 6090FS Has Arrived!
  • Christian Nielsen Reply

    Do you have any more of these coming in? Would love to pick one up if possible. Please feel free to contact me.

  • Cuando comenzarán a contactar a los interesados?
    En que momento dirán cuánto vale el envío?

  • I haven’t heard anything either. I ordered through a dealer and already paid in full more than a week ago. It sounded like these should have been going out last week.

  • What’s the reason the track pads differ so much from the ones we see in all real 6090??

    • ChandlerYohn has is just about spot on. Our model was created based on the 3D model from Caterpillar and changing the tracks that late in the process would have created even more delays and higher prices. We decided to leave the tracks as-is from the prototype, and we feel that is doesn’t detract from the overall quality of the model.

      • Agree 100% it doesn’t detract the quality! I just wanted it to depict what we see in real life. How about a set of proper tracks sold separately?
        Regards, GV

  • Hi Gilberto, regarding the track design on the 6090, if you go to the Cat website, the 3D mock-up image features the same track design as on the model. My guess is that the track design was altered through design cycles on the real machine to its current form, but left in the initial form for the model. It may have been too late in the tooling stage for the model to feature the updated track design and CCM would be able to speak more clearly on that.

  • Leon Charlesworth Reply

    Just got back this afternoon from the Surgeons about operation and test for the big C
    All clear and waiting for me my CCM 6090FS best day ever great model ,
    Opened this afternoon all in good shape long way to travel to Australia
    Thanks CCM

  • I have received my 6090. Awesome model despite being late when ordering. The model is perfect, no defects. It’s just a great addition to my collection. Great job CCM

  • Good morning Jeff
    I see that these most awaited models have begun shipping to Australia.
    I would be grateful for my invoice for an ordered model so that it can begin the long journey to its new home

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