Classic Construction Models is excited to announce that the 1:48 scale die-cast Cat® 6090 FS in Mining White have been delivered to our warehouse! We are in the process of randomly selecting and inspecting models for quality control assurance.

If you requested one of these models please be sure and check your email, invoices have been mailed out and we are shipping to collectors in the order that payments are received.

8 thoughts on “Unsealed: Cat® 6090 FS Hydraulic Mining Shovels in Mining White Have Arrived!
  • Ventura Robles Rosado Reply

    Hola buenas noches amigos me gustaría mucho que a gan el wheel loader cat 980G para que puedas llenar los truck Dump como el cat 769 y como cat 770 para en sellar A mis nietos para un futuro que sea operadores como Yo

  • Just had Gary from CCM contact me in regards to the broken track and I can say happily that everything has been taken care of and made sure that it won’t happen again Thank you Gary and everybody at CCM. The model is immaculate and highly detailed absolutely stunning model will say worth every penny

  • I was one of the first few that was put on the waiting list and I never got any email, also checked my spam folder.

  • Hey guys got my 6090 mine white and it is a beautiful model even nicer than the yellow 6090 that I have. The addition details as suggested by Tim finish this model of nicely 100% .
    I hope you do an extinguisher detailing kit for its little brother the 6060 as it looks naked in comparison as a factory fitted machine .

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