A container recently showed up at our warehouse filled with the first release of the Contractor’s Collection Series, and along with it the 776 RD160.  We are so excited about how the 1:24 scale die-cast models in our newest series turned out, we just couldn’t wait to show you some pictures.


The 287D features an engine access door which opens to reveal the C3.3B in impressive detail, but equally impressive is the tilt cab that hinges to reveal multiple service access points as well as system hydraulics.  Functioning safety latches on both the cab and lift arm replicate the maintenance safety features as well as providing additional display positions.

The 416F2 has been modeled with the E-stick and 24” digging bucket along with a 1.31 cubic yard MP loader bucket.  Boom, stick, loader and both buckets can all be put through a full range of motion as can the outriggers, allowing for a wide range of display positions for this model.   All aspects of the 416F2 are modeled to CCM’s standards, including realistic hydraulic lines, windshield wipers, mirrors, lights and an opening cab door.

We are currently getting everything sorted and orders built, with outbound shipments starting this week.  Models are being shipped in the order of which payment is received, so, if you haven’t already, be sure to make payment arrangements at your earliest convenience.  Remember, priority for future models in this series will be given to previous customers.  Don’t miss out on your opportunity to collect the entire Contractor’s Collection Series from Classic Construction Models in precision 1:24 scale die-cast!

2 thoughts on “Unsealed: Cat® 416F2, 287D & 776 RD160 Have Arrived!
  • Hi Gary please let me know what I owe the 2 models that I requested. I will be back in Florida on this coming Sunday.
    So you can ship after then.

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