Here’s where CCM is headed. Don’t be left in the cut.

25 thoughts on “Under Development
  • You almost have the makings for a CAT PR 651 – the large ATHEY dumper. Go for it…!

  • Lots of models to make yet! Suggest the original Cat 773 end dump and original Cat 16 motor grader that I was exposed to on highway construction projects in ‘70s. Also a Cat D8H or D9G with a slope board. All in 1:48 scale. Cat 631B or Cat 631C fit into this period. I love all you’ve released to date and have most.

  • 631 C and/or D would also be welcomed along with a 16G grader. What about a 977 L or K too?

  • A Cat D6B with the rubber-tired “Sugar Baby” would be a great model as well as a Cat No. 14D or E grader both in 1:48 scale. Please …….

  • John Kostynick Reply

    Any 1/87 models on the horizon ? It’s been quite some time since any models in this scale were produced.

  • How about a horizontal cut Holland belt loader, pulled by a D10, the loader sitting on top of a D9G or H. You already have the D10 and the D9.

  • Paul Kingsley Reply

    How about a few paving models in 1/48 scale ? A CAT road reclaimer (RM400 or RM500B) would be especially nice, as nobody’s made one….yet.

  • The World definitely needs some 651E & 657E models and an Atlas 120 ton Earth Wagon.

  • 140 G motor grader with snow equipment Vee plow , snow wing, M series blade W/snow equip,
    657 E p/p would be awesome!!

  • John Kostynick Reply

    Would love to see a CAT 776 tractor pulling a MET 185 trailer in 1/87 scale.

  • Andy Stephenson Reply

    Cat D8 22a or 68 with a cable control unit and 435 cable scraper box towed behind
    D8 could be also be done with cable blade We had loads in the u.k mate of mine still runs them
    What about an early Cat artic dump truck D400 big truck for thier day .A DJB would be great but recall there was some trade mark issue with DJB although they were nearly all CAT components

  • 631B was really the big start for the 600 family 2 axle scrapers. They became one of the

    most popular scrapers nation wide.

  • D7G with CCU and 435 pull scraper would be nice, especially with angle blade that could be removed as most jobs dictated blade removal. Optional brush rake for same model

  • I was lucky enough to get a D11R carrydozer in brass recently. Truly amazing model. I was hoping someone could shed some light as to how many were made and if it came with a brass plate? I heard from a reliable source that it came with a piece of engraved crystal??? Any information would be greatly appreciated!

  • 631B, D6C (13,000 plus made) The 631B started the revolution on hydraulic Cat scrapers. Believe there were around 4,000 made.

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