The first model in our new Contractor Collection Series, the 1:24 scale Cat® 416F2 Backhoe Loader, was featured in a detailed review in the first 2018 issue of Laster & Bagger (Trucks & Construction) Magazine.  Many thanks to our friends at Laster & Bagger; it is always an honor to be featured in their magazine.

The two functional tools for each model have been modeled very exactly and are highly detailed.  On the excavator, the telescoping jib makes it possible to reach the impressive digging depth of the original; this also explains the rather long hydraulic lines. The maximum range for reach, the side swing radius and the transport mode of the original can be duplicated in scale correctly with the model.

– Daniel Wietlisbach

If you haven’t seen it before, Laster & Bagger is a magazine dedicated solely to scale model construction equipment and trucks that is published in Switzerland by Daniel Wietlisbach.  Laster & Bagger recently began selling a digital only English version of the magazine called ‘Trucks & Construction’.  Be sure to check out their website or Facebook page and pick up a copy for yourself!

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