Those who have visited us in the last nine months or so may have noticed a second building under construction right next door. We are very excited to announce that it is almost ready to be occupied.

Most of you know that we share a building with our sister company Allied Power Products Inc., a custom winch and hoist manufacturer. As well as assembling their standard Columbia line of products, APPI designs and builds specialized lift, pull, and positioning solutions for every conceivable customer, from small businesses to the US military to NASA. Finding space in our facilities to work on all these projects is a challenge in itself, involving a constant shuffling of equipment.

The truth was simple. We needed more space.

Over two years ago, movement to develop the empty lot beside our current location began in earnest. Though the planning and permitting were the longest part of the process, we finally broke ground last September, 2013. The new structure has 7,800 square feet of industrial workspace including the two floors up front for offices. As Bob Peterson is fond of saying, the “dirty stuff” will be moved to this building; welding, fabrication, and large projects that need the space for assembly will all find new homes here.

We at CCM have watched as each stage of the new building has unfolded outside our office windows – quite a treat, considering how much we think about construction equipment every day. We won’t be moving any of the model business over there, but it will finally give us some much needed elbow room out in the current warehouse.

As far as Classic Construction Models goes, none of our operations will change. We will have the same address and phone number, and as always, anytime you are in the neighborhood you are welcome to visit our model showroom during business hours.

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