New from Classic Construction Models is a hydraulic mining shovel of enormous proportions, the Cat® 6090 FS Hydraulic Shovel is substantially larger than any other available hydraulic shovel from Caterpillar and offers a versatile alternative to electric rope shovels.

This model, like the machine it replicates, stands in a class all of it’s own.  Crafted from die-cast in precision 1:48 scale, the 6090 FS stands just over 8″ tall to the top of the cab, 8″ wide, and 18″ long in resting position.  Some of the numerous details you have come to expect from CCM include a cab door which opens to reveal the detailed operator’s station with complete instrumentation, radiators visible through the side and rear of the machine, multiple maintenance access points, and fully positionable access stairways.

Individually linked, free-rolling track pads wrapped around working tensioners, idlers, and bogeys complete the undercarriage, while the boom, stick and bottom-dump bucket can all be put through their full range of motion and allow for a wide range of display positions.  Paint and machine markings on this model have been approved by Caterpillar for accuracy.

The Cat 6090 FS Hydraulic Front Shovel will be packaged in a collector quality box with an individually signed and serial-numbered certificate of authenticity.

Progress photos, production quantities, pricing and delivery information will be updated here as it becomes available.  Please contact us today to request this model!

9 thoughts on “New Model Announcement: Cat® 6090 FS Hydraulic Front Shovel
  • Never thought I’d see you guys do a model of this size. Should be great. Already have one on pre-order. Thanks.

  • Really looking forward to adding the massive 6090 to my ever growing collection. I’ve been waiting a number of years now for this model to become available.

  • Once again CCM sets the benchmark for Die-cast construction scale models. This is likely to be one of the most sought-after CCM products ever produced. I can not wait to see how it shapes up next to the 6020B & 6015B Shovels.

  • Impressive model no doubt. What is a good size comparison other cat ccm model compared to this one??

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