It is with great enthusiasm that we introduce the latest precision scale replicas to join our family of 1:48 scale die-cast models, the Cat® 6030 Backhoe and 6030 Face Shovel. Although we are just in the beginning phases of this project, the anticipation kicked in and we were unable to keep the news to ourselves any longer.

Cat<sup class='superscript'>®</sup> 6030FS Hydraulic Front Shovel

Measuring approximately 14″ long, 6″ wide, and 6″ tall, these impressive models will stand apart in any collection and will capture the attention of heavy mining enthusiasts and model collectors alike. Some of the extensive detailing and features present on these models that you have come to expect from Classic Construction Models includes a highly accurate operator’s station complete with control levers and joysticks, foot pedals, and comprehensive instrumentation panels, all of which can be viewed through an opening cab door.

Individually linked, free-rolling track pads wrapped around working tensioners, idlers, and bogeys complete the undercarriage, while the boom, stick and buckets can all be put through their full range of motion and allow for a wide range of display positions.  Paint, warning labels and machine markings on this model have been approved by Caterpillar® for accuracy.

As this project has just begun, the production cycle will feel longer on these models than usual as we typically wait to announce until we are further into the process. In this instance, we decided to beat the rumors and inform our collectors about our intentions to produce this model as soon as we could.

The Cat 6030 Hydraulic Mining Shovels will be packaged in a collector quality box with an individually signed and serial-numbered certificate of authenticity.

Progress photos, production quantities, pricing and delivery information will be updated for each model at the respective links above as it becomes available.  Please contact us today to request this model!

7 thoughts on “New Model Announcement: Cat® 6030 Hydraulic Mining Shovels
  • Nice machine and great machine, very big for my shop window.
    I would like cat 980C cat 988B dump cat 769C and cat 773B appears in 1/48 scale

  • Not dissing this announcement whatsover, but I still hope Cat will be someday commissioning some RH series scale models too, to show they appreciate the heritage… too early to throw any suggestions, but please CCM inform us if they’re becoming open to the idea… everyone knows the collectors would love it and the models would sell out in record time.

  • Time to amp it up CCM/ Classic Construction Models the Next Mining Shovels should be the 6060 AC and the 6060 AC FS

  • Great to see another of the 6000 series CAT excavator/shovels produced. Please make sure that you review against the real machine, not a 3D model. We want to have the correct detail on this one (eg. The trackpads on the 3D model images you are showing are incorrect). I hope that CCM will complete the series in the future with a 6040, 6050 and 6060 machine.

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