We are excited to announce our newest die-cast Cat® model, the 6015B Hydraulic Shovel. This model will be produced in precision 1:48 scale and will be 13” long, 4” wide, and 6” tall.  Special features for the 6015B include a fully articulated boom, stick, and bucket as well as a positionable access ladder to the operator’s cab.  The cab door opens to reveal an immaculately detailed interior complete with instrumentation, control levers, and foot pedals.  This model is specially designed with a sliding counterweight and opening doors to reveal the engine in the same level of detail that you have come to expect from CCM.



Building on the robust and productive Cat 5110B, the new 6015B Hydraulic Shovel delivers a productivity advantage over other 100 ton shovels thanks to the most powerful engine in its class, a large standard bucket and payload capacity of 14.6 tons.  The design translates to fast cycles and a pass match advantage over leading standard-equipped shovels in its class when loading trucks of 55, 65 and 90 ton capacities.

The 6015B is equipped with a single Cat C27 ACERT12-cylinder diesel engine that provides 813 HP.  As with all hydraulic shovels, the greater the engine power, the greater the digging power and the faster the digging cycles.  The 10.6 cubic yard standard bucket, outfitted with Cat C70 hammerless GET, further boosts production capability.  With the standard bucket, the 6015B is optimized to fill a Cat 773 truck in four passes, a 775 in five passes, and a 777 in seven passes.  These truck models are commonly found in heavy construction, quarry/aggregate and small to mid-size mining operations across the globe.

These models will be packaged in a collector’s box and include an individually serial-numbered machine specifications brochure to certify authenticity.

Progress photos, production quantities, pricing and delivery information will be updated here as it becomes available. Please contact us today to request this model!

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