Classic Construction Models is extremely excited to announce the latest addition to our collection of 1:48 scale die-cast models, the Cat® D10N Dozer. Although still in the early stages of planning and design we will be sure and keep you updated on the details, as well as upcoming configurations, of this iconic machine as it progresses.

First released in 1987, the Cat® D10N Dozer featured an extended track frame for improved traction and stability over the D9L as well as a flywheel horsepower increase on the Cat® 3412 diesel engine from 460 HP to 520 HP.

12 thoughts on “New Model Announcement: 1:48 Cat® D10N Dozer – Die-cast
  • Now we’re talking! Thanks for showing some love to the 1:50/48 general construction collectors! I’ll definitely be placing an order.

  • Most likely I have to skip this one for budget reasons, but very pleased to see a new 1:48 classic model announced. Hopefully people place enough orders to make the model happen and to keep you guys in business in these still tough times.

  • David Licorish Reply

    I wonder what configurations you will do . I would live to see an open ROPS U or SU version with single shank Ripper. Thanks for all the Great models like the 6090 in white I love mine.

  • Nick Worthington Reply

    Awesome news CCM, great to see yet another great 1/48 classic from you guys.

  • That would have been cool, only dozer i drove when I was really young (16) was Cat D6B, it was a big machine in its day.
    Several times I was working steep hills with the winch wire around a good tree, over the bank, blade down, rippers in and the back of the tracks were still in mid air, probably half the tracks, I loved it.

  • Good news for 1:48 collectors. I would still like to see a D8L and a 235 excavator in the future.

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