All new from Classic Construction Models is the Cat® 973 Track Loader in precision 1:48 scale die-cast.  Produced in 3 configurations, the 973 will be modeled with a General Purpose Bucket and 3-Shank Ripper, an open cab version with Multi-Purpose Bucket, and a demolition version fitted with a demolition package including Peterson Demolition Bucket, sound suppressed cab, and full demolition guards.  Standing at approximately 6″ long, 2.2″ wide, and 2.8″ to the top of the ROPS canopy, these models are certain to draw attention in even the most impressive collections.

Featuring a 3306 Turbocharged Diesel engine producing 210 horsepower at 2200 RPM, the 973 is one of the most powerful, versatile track loaders to ever roll off the Caterpillar factory lines.  The rear-mounted engine provides balance to the machine when the bucket is fully loaded, as well as providing unprecedented visibility as there is nothing disrupting the operator’s view of the bucket.  Coupled with a hydrostatic drive, the 973 is capable of speeds of up to 6.4 MPH both in forward and reverse.  Quick and responsive, the 973 offered precise control with fully variable speeds, as well as gradual turns with power to both tracks, allowing the operator to easily maneuver in and out of tight locations.

Pricing and production run have yet to be determined, but we will keep you up to date with more information on our blog and each model’s respective page as soon as we know more.  Place your request today to ensure you are fortunate enough to add one, or all, of these incredible reproductions to your collection.

General Purpose Bucket with General Purpose Bucket Open ROPS with Multi-Purpose Bucket Demolition Package

Click on the images above for more information about the 973 Track-Loader with General Purpose Bucket, with Multi-Purpose Bucket, and with Demolition Package.

9 thoughts on “New Model Announcement: 1:48 Cat® 973 Track Loader – Die-cast
  • I just saw the news and I could not believe it, I am very happy great news and great model

  • Very nice! Any chance of getting one in 1:24? A side-dump bucket option would also be great–many of these track loaders (and old 977’s) used side-dumps so you didn’t have to spin to load trucks out of a face.

  • Not bad choice for a model, and about the 1:24 suggestion, here’s still hoping a Classic Contractor Series will see the light of day in the future 😉

    If the smaller machines are challenging to make in 1:48, then feel free to use 1:24 scale… I for one would be buying 🙂

    Many popular Cat machines from the 70’s, 80’s and why not also 90’s are just waiting to get CCM’ized 😛

  • Andy Stephenson Reply

    Why not give the enclosed cab versions the multipurpose (I.e 4in1 ) bucket as an option as opposed to the general purpose bucket this bucket was more popular in the U.K would be a great option on a great iconic tracked shovel I think many of these will be comming to British shores I will certainly be having one ! The bucket option would just be icing on the cake if it could be done as an option or even as an additional bucket which could be changed as and when friend on mine has a full size machine which often changes depending loader work or excavation work can,t beat a CCM model the best !

    • Hey Andy,

      Those are really great suggestions for possible variations of the 973, however these configurations have already been finalized. We will add these to our list of collector recommendations, and hopefully will be able to include some of them in future models!

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