Continuing on with the lineup of Cat® TriPower machines, Classic Construction Models is excited to present the 6060 Hydraulic Mining Shovels as both a Backhoe and Face Shovel in highly detailed 1:48 scale from die-cast construction. The TriPower line of machines represents the power and strength of the Caterpillar brand, and these scale replicas will inspire the same level of awe in even the most impressive of collections.

True to CCM, hours can be spent studying the details and still uncover something new upon further inspection. Some of the extensively detailed features include the namesake TriPower kinematics controlling the boom, stick and bucket. Measuring approximately 15.4″L x 7.1″ W x 7.5″ H, these models stand proudly in any scale model mining collection. The finer details, such as hand rails, access ladders, and an accurate combination of both hard and soft hydraulic lines bring this model closer to it’s full-sized counterpart.

Individually linked, free-rolling track pads wrapped around working tensioners, idlers, and bogeys complete the undercarriage, while the boom, stick and buckets can all be put through their full range of motion and allow for a wide range of display positions.  Paint, warning labels and machine markings on this model have been approved by Caterpillar® for accuracy.

Progress photos, production quantities, pricing and delivery information will be updated for each model at the respective links above as it becomes available.  Please contact us today to request this model!

14 thoughts on “New Model Announcement: 1:48 Cat® 6060 Hydraulic Mining Shovels
  • Chris Skogland Reply

    That will be a very nice addition to the ever growing range of hydraulic shovel models. I’m glad you’ve decided to produce a 6060!!

  • Flavio Muñoz Reply

    I have tried to put my order for both versions but when I try it redirects to cat 6030, please correct that error

  • When will get a invoice for the 633D scraper, I hope i am still on the list. thank you Cran

  • Will this be the version with the new Caterpillar cab and power edge symbol or the old O&K cab?

    • Hello, I would like to know the release dates of the 6060 shovel and the white 6090 shovel. Thanks in advance.

    • Please do an updated 6015B with fusion markings. For those of us that missed out but would liked to have ordered the original. Thanks

  • 3000Toys list the price for the FS as Price $894.99 (on 08/15/2022). Not seeing a price on any other site, including CCM. Is this correct? That’s more than the original 6090 but not entirely unexpected.

  • CCmodels I say that when these come out they should be completely covered in paper so that the Styrofoam does not get on them from the Bucket all the way to the very back thanks

  • Habe nun endlich beide Versionen vom 6060 bei mir, ich muss aber leider hier schreiben das ich enttäuscht bin.

    1. warum passt die CAT Farbe nicht ?? Die Farbe passt überhaupt nicht zum 6030 / 6090
    2. warum sind die Handläufe / Geländer so dick ?gearbeitet, die Proportion der Handläufe passt nicht zu allen anderen ccm Modellen
    3. warum ist der Ausleger / Hauptarm bei der Klappschaufel Version falsch gesteckt?
    4. warum fehlt die Feuerlöscher Anlage?
    5. warum ist das Kettenlaufwerk zu niedrig?
    6. warum ist kein Hilfskran auf dem Deck verbaut?
    7. warum fehlt das Absturz Schutzfang Gitter beim Notausgang ?
    8. warum fehlen so viele kleine Details?

    Ich finde es sehr schade, ich habe gehofft das der 6060 den 6090 übertreffen wird in Details und Qualität!

    Es ist eine Kopie vom 6060 in 1:87 von DM

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