Classic Construction Models is excited to announce the latest addition to our collection of 1:24 scale die-cast models, the Cat® D9 Dozer in 2 configurations.  Standing approximately 14.1″ long, 5.4″ wide, and 6.5″ tall at the top of the ROPS canopy, these highly detailed precision replicas aim to immortalize the latest generation of the most popular large dozer in the Caterpillar lineup.

Part of the versatility of the D9 is the ability to be paired with a number of different application-specific blades and attachments. CCM has decided to reproduce the first variation of this machine equipped with a U-Blade and Multi-Shank Ripper.  The second configuration of the D9 that will be produced in this one-time production run will have an attached SU-Blade and Single-Shank Ripper.

Features common to both models include a detailed engine which is visible through an opening engine bay door, ROPS canopy, accurately replicated operator’s station complete with control pedals and levers, as well as complete instrumentation.  The models sit on a functional undercarriage including track tensioners, modeled bogies and idlers, and individually linked, free-rolling track pads.

Although we are too early in the process to determine price, production run, or availability at this point, we will keep you up to date with more information about these model on our blog.  For more information about each model, please click on the respective link below.

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