It is with great excitement that we present to you our latest upcoming 1:24 scale precision die-cast model, the Cat® D11 with Coal Blade. This thing will be a beast! Measuring 18″ in length, 7.7″ tall and yielding a blade that is 13.4″ wide. To add to rarity and collectability of these models there will be a one-time production run of no more than 411 models.

The real machine has a massive coal blade with a width of 322 inches (8179 mm) and height of 120 inches (3048 mm) with an incredible capacity of 98 cubic yards (74.93M³). Equipped with a C32 engine, the Cat® D11 produces 850 HP forward (955 HP reverse) at 1,800 RPM with a high torque rise of 21%, allowing the D11 to easily push the coal.  The planetary powershift transmission with 3 forward and 3 reverse gears provides a top speed of 7.3 MPH forward and 8.7 MPH in reverse.  A torque divider between the engine and the transmission acts as the hydrodynamic component, reducing the possibility of damage to the power train by dampening impact loads and vibrations.

Just like the 1:1 machine, this 1:24 scale die-cast model will have a massive coal blade on the front complimented by a counter weight on the rear of the machine. Other fine details include opening cab doors that lead to a life-like operators compartment, opening engine access doors reveal a detailed C32 engine, positionable cab access ladder, fire suppression package and individual linked free-rolling tracks with functional track tensioners. We are still working on final pricing but will be updating the website as soon as final numbers are calculated. The first 2 versions of this Cat® D11 we produced were instant sell outs, and this one is expected to go even quicker, so don’t miss out on your one opportunity to place a request today!

Credit for the photos goes to Gavin Handley of machine sold by Steve Race at WesTrac NSW Australia. (Note: Model will not have the reflective safety marking tape like pictured)

11 thoughts on “New Model Announcement: 1:24 Cat® D11 with Coal Blade
  • That is cool. Looks expensive lol. Any interest in doing a D 7 XR model with bush canopy?

  • Here was me thinking the other day a 1/24 carrydozer with single shank ripper in white would be awesome.

  • Decisions, decisions, I have the D10T2 and want the D11XE. Do I really want another coal blade, you bet I do ! Just a bit to soon after Christmas to decide yet.

  • Congratulations for this choice. I own already the D10T2 With the coal blade. These models are perfect.

  • Leo Kaltenbacher Reply

    Not bad.
    But if you wanna sqeeze something out of the old castings, why don’t you do a D10T2 pushcat? That would go along the 651 very well.

  • D6 9u, D6C dozers-these 2 tractors were known & sold by Caterpillar (25,ooo). 631B & 631C was the real revolution in scrapers.

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