We are excited to announce the most recent additions to our 1:24 scale diecast model line, the Caterpillar 651 and 657 Wheel Tractor Scrapers. These models will be based on the latest versions of the  651 and 657 machines and will be the largest die-cast models ever produced by CCM in 1:24 scale. The models are approximately 28” long and 7” wide while weighing close to 16 lbs. The larger scale will allow more details found on the real machines, especially focused on the hydraulics, goose neck, railings and engine details. 

Caterpillar wheel-tractor scrapers are designed for high production hauling and are used for a broad range of materials. The machines are built in self-loading, push loaded or push pull systems. The 651 and 657 machines are the largest pull and push-pull scrapers in the Caterpillar open bowl scraper lineup and can be found moving material most commonly in construction and mining applications. At first glance the new Hex trade dress is the most apparent change to the new scrapers though Caterpillar has made numerous improvements to safety features, comfort, and machine performance. 

Price and production quantities are yet to be determined for these models that will be produced as limited editions.

For more information and to request this model, please visit our website:

651 https://ccmodels.com/shop/124-cat651-wheel-tractor-scraper-die-cast/

657 https://ccmodels.com/shop/124-cat657-wheel-tractor-scraper-die-cast/

Remember to place your request through our website or by emailing at sales@ccmodels.com or calling us at 503.626.6395.

4 thoughts on “New Model Announcement: 1:24 Cat® 651/657 Wheel Tractor Scrapers – Die-cast
  • Too bad these are 1/24, I’d be interested in a 1/48 version of these.

    On that note, can you give us any updates on the 657E/651E in 1/48? Will you have samples and pricing information soon? Can you tell us if they’ll be old yellow or new?

    Are the 350L and 350LME still happening, or are they on hold?

  • Too bad these are 1/24, I’d be interested in 1/48 versions.

    On that note, can you give us any progress updates on the 657E and 651E in 1/48? Will you have samples and pricing information soon? Will they be old yellow, or new yellow?

    Are the 350L and 350LME still happening?

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