Our newest blog series, “Models & Mods” is back to spotlight the modifications done to our models at home by collectors.  After speaking with H.-W. Goebbels from Germany about all the custom work he has done to his models, we decided to share with you his brass 1:87 scale Cat® 992K!


1.  Did you start with an existing model or build from scratch?  If an existing model, which one?

I made the Cat 992K using an existing 854G and 992G from CCM.

2.  Why did you choose this model to modify?

I saw a 992K on the internet, and thought it would be possible to convert the 854G and 992G and create something unique for my collection.

3.  Can you walk us through the process of building these modified components?  Material used, tooling required, any challenges you had, etc.?

First, I had to take apart both of the existing models.  From there, a few of the parts needed to be adjusted so they would fit together properly.  Specifically, the connection between the rear section of the 854G and the front section of the 992G needed to be slightly modified to properly line up.  After all the modifications were complete the model was repainted to match the real machine, and finally I created and applied new markings before reassembling my finished 992K.

4.  How long did this project take you?

From start to finish, this project took about a month.

5.  Do you have any advice for other collectors looking to modify a model?

My advice for anyone looking to modify a model would be to take the time to make everything fit properly.  A little bit of technical understanding (and fingerlessness) is necessary!

6.  What project do you have in mind next (or are currently working on)?

Right now, I am in the process of converting an OHS RH400 into a Cat 6090 FS.

7.  Any suggestions for CCM on which model to make next?

I have a lot of suggestions for which model CCM should produce next!  On the top of the list would be a new 1:87 scale mining shovel, a Cat 7495 or 6020B.  I would also like to see a 797F Mining Truck, D11T Dozer, or 24M Motor Grader!

We would like to extend a big thanks to H.-W. Goebbels for continuing our newest blog series, “Models & Mods”.   If you want to see more from H.-W., check out his website at www.scale87.de.to or his Construction-Models Scale Eighty-Seven Facebook page.  We can’t wait to see what he will come up with next!

Calling all CCM model collectors!  Have you been working on modifications to your models?  Send in your answers to these questions, along with pictures of your model via Facebook message and you might be the next collector featured in our newest series!

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