“Models & Mods” is back to spotlight the modifications done to our models at home by collectors.  We recently had the opportunity to speak with Felipe Russo from Brazil about a project that he just completed with the help of his friend Marcio Barato – a custom ROPS and headlights for Cat® 834 & 988 models.

Let’s take a look at his work and see what Felipe had to say about this build!

1.  Did you start with an existing model or build from scratch?  If an existing model, which one?

We used the Cat 834 & 988 models from Classic Construction Models.  For this project, only the front headlights for the 834 and ROPS canopy for both models were developed.  The paint color was a custom mix done by Marcio Barato, who also created these parts designs.

2.  Why did you choose this model to modify?

We had seen photos of this ROPS canopy and headlights on real machines as well as pictures of these parts from a model maker who made the ROPS in a very limited series.  In conversation with Marcio, we decided to develop the project.  The idea was make these CCM models more unique by adding new attachments.

3.  Can you walk us through the process of building these modified components?  Material used, tooling required, any challenges you had, etc.?

Working with Marcio, we developed the entire project as a 3D drawing.

After the 3D drawings were complete, the design was sliced to be cut from acrylic on a laser machine.  We exchanged design ideas and modifications, but all the engineering, assembly and painting were done by him.  The material used in the project was acrylic.

4.  How long did this project take you?

The whole project, from idealization to completion, took about a week.

5.  Do you have any advice for other collectors looking to modify a model?

Every project has to start somewhere, and things do not always go as you wish the first time.  However, never give up on your ideas, because one day you will achieve your goals.  If you never try, you’ll never get it.  If you insist, one day you will succeed!

6.  What project do you have in mind next (or are currently working on)?

I’m finalizing a Forestry D8K with chains and a TD25E Dresser.  These will be the next two models for sure!  I also have some additional projects together with Marcio, who is developing other parts to modify models and we are developing some unique models including a pair of towed sheep’s foot rollers.

7.  Any suggestions for CCM on which model to make next?

I would like to see some old scrapers such as the 621A, 631A, and a vintage elevating scraper would be amazing.  Another nice model would be the 16G grader or a big haul truck for my 6090FS!!!

Many thanks to Felipe Russo for sending us pictures and details about his custom ROPS and headlights for the 1:48 scale Cat 834 & 988.  Everything from the workmanship to the paint and fitment to the original models is stunning!  We can’t wait to see what Felipe and Marcio will come out with next!

Have you been working on modifications to one of your CCM models?  Send in your answers to these questions, along with pictures of your model and “build-in-progress” photos via Facebook message and you might be the next collector featured on our blog!

One thought on “Models & Mods – Felipe Russo & Marcio Barato
  • I agree on vintage scrapers. Early 631 models would be great.
    Spent many hours on 631C and 16G models in Alaska.

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