Recently, our friend David Fassinger from Pittsburgh, PA sent us a few photos of the Cat® 6015B he operates in the field, and he couldn’t resist the opportunity to bring his 1:48 scale replica along for the photo shoot.  After admiring the photos that he took, we got a chance to catch up with David about his work as well as his model collection!

David has been a union operator for Local 66 for the last 12 years, typically working on mass earth-moving jobs, however, is in the middle of a new highway construction project.  Running mostly Caterpillar equipment, David says there is the 6015B on the job site as well as a 320F, D9, several ADT’s and 777 Haul Trucks .

“When I found out that CCM was producing a 6015B, I knew that this model was definitely a ‘must-have’ for my collection!”

Other models currently in his collection include a 6020B, 385C, 349E L, 349E LME, and a 735B, although he is excited to add a 6090FS and is always on the lookout for a 390D L ME.

Many thanks to David for sending in these incredible model-machine photos.  To see more from David’s collection, you can connect with him through his Instagram account, 412_diecast.

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