In 1997 we produced a beautiful scale reproduction of the Manitowoc M250 Crawler Crane. It was our eighth crane model, and our most detailed to date. Limited to a single production run of just 300, they came with a registration certificate proving their authenticity, and identifying us as a licensed dealer of Manitowoc. They were also individually serial numbered so that our collectors would be assured  they owned a specific model, never to be made again.

Like all of our models, this edition was complete with many true to life features that were found on the actual machine. In this case, it was three working winch drums which allowed the boom angle and load blocks to be positioned as desired. The gantry is foldable, and one of the most unique features of this replica is the swinging cab, which allowed the operator drastically improved visibility.

The model also includes individually linked, free-rolling tracks with functioning tensioners, an engine cover that lifts to display twin cooling fans, and precise replication of red paint and distinctive graphics. Twin swing drive motors with rotating pinion gears, a highly detailed operator’s cab, and a front mounted auxiliary hydraulic hoist round out the M250.

Each unit was assembled by hand of many individual brass components engineered to a precise 1:48 scale.  The finished product stood 37” high at the tip of the boom, with a width of 6.25”, and a length of 10”.  It weighed a reasonable 7.75 pounds and still looks great on any shelf. They sold originally for $1595, but can command almost twice that in the collector market.

In 2010 we produced 8 of the Manitowoc M250 with Kiewit livery, which retailed for $1895.

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