In 1992 Classic Construction Models created our third scale model: the Link-Belt HC-268 Truck Crane. Following on the success of the two previous models, the HC-268 was manufactured of brass to the same exacting standards that we are known for.

The HC-268 holds the distinction of being the only truck-mounted crane we have produced to date, and is a true museum-quality replica. A limited edition of only 500 pieces was made and insured it as a favorite of our collectors to this day.

This scale model was individually hand-built and painted in red and white to the factory-authorized specifications of Link-Belt. The 1:48 scale allowed the inclusion of a host of fine details and features, such as working drums, opening doors, 360-degree rotating house, rubber tires, functional load block, and authentic markings.

Those who ordered the Link-Belt HC-268 also had the option of purchasing single or double boom section inserts to extend the boom an additional 7.5 or 15 inches respectively. Customers could also request to have their model painted in one of the four alternate schemes seen in the photo, making it all the more exclusive.

The Link-Belt HC-268 Truck Crane is still a favorite of those who were fortunate to obtain one when it was first released, and a rare find for those lucky enough to spot it on the secondary collector market.

6 thoughts on “Memorable Model: Link-Belt HC-268 Truck Crane
    • Francis,

      Unfortunately, this model is closed and we are no longer manufacturing the jib and boom sections for the Link-Belt HC-268 Truck Crane. Keep an eye out on or on eBay to see if these parts come up for sale for your model!

  • What is one of these models worth now, I have two in unopened box I may be willing to sell.

    • Hey Kenny,

      This is a closed edition, and as such it is extremely difficult to estimate the current value of the model. As a starting point, you can take a look at other models for sale by our collectors on or take a look on eBay as well. Once you have determined what you would like to offer your models for, you can contact us and place a listing on for your model to see if anyone is interested in purchasing. Please let us know if you have any questions!

  • Sir,

    I am interested in contacting Mr. Shinn in regard to possibly purchasing one of his Link Belt HC 268s. Would appreciate if you could connect us.

    Thank you,

    Phil Cherry

  • Does anyone know how many of each color was made of the (300) Link-Belt HC-268 truck cranes?

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