In 2001 we released one of our most acclaimed scale models–the D11R Track-Type Tractor. The largest Cat tractor to date, the D11R is a flagship piece of construction equipment for the Caterpillar company, and as such we wanted to give it its due.

Opening and latching cab doors, a detailed engine compartment, a single
shank ripper with working pin puller and a working dual tilt blade are
just a few of the unique features found on this remarkable model. Working at the larger 1:24 scale allowed us to include details that would have been lost on a smaller model, such as bolt heads, perforated shrouds, electrical lines, and safety rails of a proper thickness.

The Standard, Carrydozer, and Mining White versions

Collectors who purchased the D11R were able to choose from one of three paint variations as well as a general or carry dozer blade which enhanced the future value of each version.  Each model was shipped with a brass serial number plate which served as a certification of authenticity.

Apart from the transparent acrylic windows and rubber hoses, this model was hand crafted completely of brass castings and delicately soldered brass sheet.  Each of the  300 models in the edition was hand assembled and painted – assuring quality beyond what is possible in a mass-production process.

The prototype comes together in unpainted brass

A craftsman in South Korea assembles a D11R model
Our D11R model received rave reviews worldwide, and to this day remains one of our most treasured editions. Originally sold at $3,495 each, these models command much more than that price when they come up for sale. The rarity of a construction model of this quality has only served to make this one of the most unique and popular such pieces ever created.
Japanese model magazines covering CCM’s D11R

Glen Barton, retired CEO of Caterpillar, stands with his D11R model in 2004

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