In 2006, CCM proudly rolled out the 953C Track Loader model. This 1:48 scale precision model was made entirely of etched and investment-cast brass parts. All 300 models were assembled and painted by hand. 125 came with a standard configuration, 125 came with a 3-pronged ripper, and the final 50 were the most unique with a scale Allied Power Products Inc. winch package on the back of the loader.

The model had several life-like movable parts, including tracks which were individually linked and free-rolling, working track tensioners, a positionable bucket, remarkably detailed operator’s cab, and vented engine cover. Finer additions, such as hydraulic lines, lights, and grab handles, added to its realism.

Caterpillar licensed this model for production and its accuracy was verified by the project engineers who worked on the real machine. The model came in an original box, with a serial number, and a certificate proving its authenticity.

This model was 5.25” long, 2” wide, and 2.5” tall.  They sold out quickly at a price of $559.95 for the standard version. The ripper and winch versions were an additional $30.

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